Friday, July 30, 2010

Leadership Day 2010 - Two Of My Goals For This Year

This is the third year that Iowa State's Dr. Scott McLeod has called on bloggers to talk about what they are doing differently to help move themselves forward in regards to leadership/technology integration in their schools, their districts, and their regions.  The link to the entire post (shown above) is here.

Before, I write anything about my feelings on this I have to thank my Personal Learning Network (PLN) for their tremendous impact on my professional growth over the last 16 months.  While I have been blogging for two years, I really did not start connecting with other educators on Twitter and Facebook until last spring.  They have helped me to unlearn so much of what my previous experience as a student, a teacher, and an administrator had taught me previously.

Open your doors, your curtains, and your mind

All of my previous experience as a student, an athlete, a teacher, a coach, and an administrator taught me to guard any insights closely and keep them for myself, my team, my class, my school, etc.  However, my short time collaborating with so many others through various social media tools has proven clearly how shortsighted I  have been.   How can I expect my teachers to collaborate with one another routinely and promote collaborative activities with their students when I don't do the same thing with my administrative colleagues?

I would start to name some of the people who have been so generous with their sharing of insights and resources, but there are way too many people to mention.  Instead, my energy is no focused on repaying the generosity of others and putting more energy into sharing the amazing tools that are out there.

Reaching out to my MA administrative colleagues

My goal for the summer has been to connect with some of my colleagues locally. It is sad that I have such rich conversations with talented educators from all over the world, but very few with administrators from Massachusetts. With this in mind, I put out an e-mail to over 1,000 administrators in MA inviting them to come to BHS to take part in some informal workshops on social media and technology integration.  Here is the link to my blog post. 

Fortunately, I have gotten 10-12 MA educators at each session and even been invited to another school to show teachers some of the new tools out their to help engage students.  My goal for the year is to connect with as many of my MA colleagues as possible. In addition, I would like to run some sessions for parents this year to show them how social media and some web 2.0 tools can be used with students.


  1. I'm with you, Mr. Larkin, in implementing more tech in my classroom this year. I took a one day course in Skype and Audacity last week at WPI. Two of my foreign language colleagues accompanied me. I was especially enthusiastic about Audacity because this vital tech tool will be featured in our updated language lab. I used Skype two days ago to connect with my sister out in San Diego. It was neat using our lap top to actually see her while talking with her. We visited her two weeks ago. Both Skype and Audacity are free downloads. I look forward to my NU course next week as I'll be learnining to introduce more tech in my classroom.I am very grateful that I am able to learn new material during the summer vacation.

  2. It sounds really interesting not only to connect with administrators and teachers, but also with parents! That would be to really be connected with the community.

    I feel glad to be able to participate in your workshop. I have learned so much in just few sessions. I also hope to keep encouraging my foreign language colleagues to try at least two or three free tools in their classes.