Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Google Myself Daily - You Should Too!

Whether you have a Google account or not, you should check out Google Alerts.  This Google feature actually allows you to get daily updates on any person, news story, topic, celebrity, etc. that you would like to follow. It allows you to get updates daily, weekly, monthly, or as they happen.

I recommend that you give Google alerts a shot! Tomorrow I will give you a couple of specific examples of how Google alerts helps me stay up to date on news about BHS, this blog, and myself.


  1. My son is plugged into Google Alerts. I'll check this one out. Thank you for sending us the latest info. I appreciate it.

  2. Just got on to " Google Alerts ". I must say that it is a much faster way to get updates even on TV shows. It took me a shorter amount of time to maximize my findings vs. going about it the alternative and longer way, ex: clicking on the TV site, clicking on this, clicking on that. It's neat that I can get the most current blogs, articles,etc about many, many events. Thank you again for sending this to me.