Friday, June 25, 2010

Technology Blogs Educators Need To Follow

In day three of my personal challenge to myself to put out something useful during each day of the summer, I would like to share a few technology blogs that I feel all educators should be following.

1. Free Technology For Teachers - Richard Byrne, a teacher in Oxford Hills, ME, provides great resources daily that are free and easy to integrate in the classroom.

2. Teachers as Technology Trailblazers - Kristen Swanson, a Programming and Training Specialist in Bucks County, PA also provides easy-to-integrate tools for teachers of all levels.

3. Jane's Pick of the Day - Jane Hart is one of the UK's biggest names technology education and she is the CEO of the Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies.

4. The Educator's Royal Treatment - Ken Royal's blog is a great resource due to the fact that Ken allows educators from all over the world to share their success stories.  Ken also provides endless reviews and insights in the newest technological gadgets for schools.

There are so many blogs out there that are also helpful, but these are the top four on my list. The other neat thing is that I have had the chance to interact with Richard, Kristen, and Ken on multiple occasions and I cannot say enough about their passion for education and their willingness to help others.

I would love for others to share resource sharing blogs that they feel add value for them!


  1. I've been viewing the "Top Tools for Learning 2010" and was happy to see that Skype was one of them. I'll be taking a course on July 29th out in Worcester on skype. Thank you, Mr. Larkin, for sending these daily blogs to us. Now, I feel as if I can do some research prior to the start of this important course.

  2. Kevin Jarrett's NCS-Tech has given me more useful resources over the years than just about any other website, and, like Kristen, he is one of the awesome organizers of edcamp Philly.

  3. Hi Patrick,

    Thank you for the mention and kind words.
    Another blog that teachers should try to follow is Larry Ferlazzo's.


  4. Richard - Thanks for mentioning Larry's great blog! I plan on highlighting a few of the bloggers who inspire me in an upcoming post and Larry is one who definitely falls into that category.

    Have a great time at ISTE! Wish I could be there!