Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Reading For BHS Students - Read and React

Aside from some of our Advanced Placement classes, we have moved away from mandatory summer reading here at BHS.  For the second straight year we are encouraging students to read for pleasure during the summer.

Here is a link to our list of staff recommendations. 

Here is an additional link to Schmoop's great recommendations for summer reading compiled through teacher recommendations.

Finally, here is the link to a great site created by BHS English Teacher Ann Scanlon where students and staff members can go to discuss their summer reading.


  1. If anyone ... parent, teacher, or student needs to purchase their summer reading ... be sure to participate in the Borders "Give Back" Event to support BHS (and any other Burlington school of their choice) on June 26 & 27 ... here is a link to the flyer/voucher needed ... http://ericconti.wordpress.com/2010/06/21/borders-give-back-event-june-26-and-27/

  2. Great idea on the Border's "Give Back" Event. Great choices of books, too!!

  3. Thank you Principal Larkin and all of BHS for getting rid of mandatory summer reading. Summer is supposed to be a vacation from school, not extra free time to do homework.

  4. I wish MSMS felt the same way. I have my kids read for "fun" all the time. Having required reading and reports for 3 books over the summer is painful for parents as well as students. I like to encourage the love for reading not the "have to" of reading. We all need a break and should read over the summer. I do realize students wouldn't read at all if it wasn't required. I just wish it wasn't that way.