Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Principal's Evaluation - Please Help Me To Continue My Growth As A School Leader

As we near the end of the 2009-2010 school year, I ask for your assistance. Please take a few moments to answer the very brief survey below.  Your feedback will allow me to set focused goals for next year as I continue to work at becoming a more effective leader.

Thanks in advance! I will keep this survey open for two weeks. When the results are final, I will publish them on-line. Special thanks to Melinda Miller for sharing her survey with me.  Melinda is an elementary Principal from Missouri who is a member of my Professional Learning Network (PLN) on Twitter.

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  1. Mr. Larkin has been such an incredibly wonderful addition to BHS. He is most definitely a strong leader who has worked so effeciently, fervently and ardently to make BHS a phenomenal school. I appreciate the fact that he is readily available and approachable throughout the day. His presence in the hallway makes it more accessible for students and teachers to share concerns and give welcoming input. I have been so grateful for his continual support and encouragement of my venturing out to learn new technology for my classes. It was he who inspired me to take my very first on-line course, which proved to be highly successful. It was his affirmation and belief that I can do it that has inspired me to take a graduate technology course this summer so that I may be a more effective teacher who helps maximize my students' learning. I also have been impressed that Mr. Larkin, an expert in the field of technology and is willing to have students teach him new tricks. Today, I had some students give me my first lesson in the ipod. That was because Mr. Larkin said in one of his blogs that he, too, is open to students teaching him new tricks. I was quite proud of myself. We're implementing technology in my classroom which can only benefit my students' learning.Mr. Larkin, you deserve the A+