Thursday, June 24, 2010

One Way I Get My Daily Dose of Professional Development

With summer finally here, it is time for both teachers and students alike to experiment with new tools that they felt like they did not have time to utilize during the school year.  My bet is if they give some of these easy-to-use tools a shot, they will be amazed at the value that is added to their lives.

For me each day starts with a look at my Google Reader account.  I have subscribed to a number of blogs and each time a new blog post is written by these great bloggers, the post immediately gets send to my Google Reader account.  For me, it is like picking up my morning newspaper.  Here are a couple of overviews of how to use Google Reader:
  1. e-How on how to use Google Reader (video series)
  2. Google's own Google Reader Help Page

As a Principal, I follow some great administrators who help challenge me and think about ways to continually improve how I operate as an educator.

One place to start your search for the best blogs would be Jerry Blumengarten's (Cybraryman) great list of educational blogs

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  1. I hope that my French students (both past, present and soon-to-be French II's)check out this site. I just went under Top 100 Language Blogs 2010 and viewed << Jennie en France >>. This is a very good tool to practice your French and see the reality of learning a language. It's a fun site!!!!!!!!