Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Favorite Blog Posts From The Past School Year

I feel so fortunate that my connections with so many great people through social media have allowed me to guest post on some other blogs during the past year. Thanks to Ken Royal, Richard Byrne, and Tony Baldasaro for sharing their great blog spaces with me!

Here are my guest posts from the past school year:

Every Principal Needs A Blog - Guest Blog on Free Technology For Teachers

I Don't Understand My Colleagues Sometimes - Guest Blog on the Educator's Royal Treatment

What Do We Tell Students When They See What's Behind The Curtain - Guest Blog On Tony Baldasaro's TransLeadership Blog

Dragging Our Feet On 1:1- Another Guest Post From The Educator's Royal Treatment

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  1. I find that I can best relate to my students' learning styles, struggles with learning and interests in learning as I venture out by learning new technology. I'm not afraid to tell them that I'm learning what they've already mastered in the technological sense. They are able to see that I want to learn new technology because that is how I can reach them even better in my teaching styles. I often ask them to help me when we're in the computer lab. I'm not ashamed to ask for their help and / or expertise in the world of technology.They're always willing to help because it is an area in which they feel comfortable and secure. I tell them that I, too, wish to feel more comfortable and more secure with technology. They can appreciate my willingness to come out of my comfort zone and learn. I believe that this motivates them to learn new and more challenging materials in my courses. They're excited when I go to school to take courses, especially over the summer.