Friday, May 21, 2010

Senior Breakfast - A Couple Of Original Songs By Our Seniors

Today was the last day for seniors and we held our annual senior breakfast which featured a number of performances by our talented seniors.  In the video above Carolyn Kelly (right) performs her original song (untitled) along with Katie Campbell (middle) and Joe Nosack (left).  Below a group of seniors performs Eric Leva's original song "The Box."  Eric is in the back on keyboard with Chris Laroque on guitar and Joe Nosack on percussion.


  1. We have a great group of kids here at BHS. They are incredibly talented. I'm so impressed by the fact that they're so willing to share their talents and gifts so openly with others. What a great group of caring individuals who truly reach out to those in need. We'll miss you Class of 2010, but we have total confidence in you that you'll bring your talents and gifts to the next chapter of your life!!

  2. Thank goodness Chris LaRocque and Joe Nosack will be here for another year!