Friday, May 21, 2010

BHS Students Impress On Annual Student Government Day

Dr. Conti (right) presents BHS junior Maruf Khalifa with his certificate for participating in Student Government Day.

Today was one of the best days of the school year as we had our annual opportunity to show off how impressive our students are to a number of local officials and employees during Student Government Day.  Some students got to sit in the chairs of local officials and preside over a Board of Selectmen Meeting and a School Committee Meeting.  Other students got to shadow town employees and see first hand the hard work that goes into making Burlington such a great place to live.

Special thanks to Burlington Town Administrator Bob Mercier, his assistant Sandi Madigan, and BHS Social Studies Department Head Jeff Hoyt for their work in putting this great program together.

Quote of the Day -  (from a Burlington Town Employee) - "This is the most inquisitive group of students that we have ever had."

Here is the list of students and who they shadowed:

Archivist/Town Clerk - Daniel McCormack/Jane Chew  - BHS Student Kaitlyn Morneweck                        
Assessor  - Russ Washburn - BHS Student - James Stanton                                   
Board of Health - Susan Lumenello/Env. Engineer - BHS Student -Stacey Bezreh                       
Board of Health- Marlene Johnson, Health Agent- BHS Student - Judy Sanjay
Board of Health - Sharon Mastenbrook - BHS Student -Mary Jo Herlihy
Council on Aging - Joanne Fitzpatrick, Outreach Wkr - BHS Student -Alexandra Sorrentino
Engineering - Tom Hayes, Town Engineer - BHS Student -Kyle Sullivan
Fire Chief  - Lee Callahan - BHS Student -David Rocca
Fire Assistant Chief - Steve Yetman - BHS Student -Maruf Khalifa
Planning Director - Tony Fields- BHS Student -William Ryan
Police Chief - Michael Kent - BHS Student - Devin D’Auria
Public Works - John Sanchez, Superintendent - BHS Student - Sarah Boari
Recreation Director - Don Lorinovich - BHS Student - Kierstin Merlino
Tax Collector/Treasurer - Jayne Hyde - BHS Student - Priyanka Deb                       
Veterans Agent - Bob Hogan - BHS Student - Maylissa Charmant
Town Administrator - Robert Mercier - BHS Student - Lucas Restivo
Asst. Town Admin. - Tom Hickey - BHS Student - Zachary Wilkins                                   
Selectman - Ralph Patuto, Chairman - BHS Student - Nikolas Saledas           
Selectman - Walter Zenkin, Vice Chairman - BHS Student - Veronika Abkarian
Selectman - Gary Gianino - BHS Student - Anuj Patel           
Selectman - Dan DiTucci - BHS Student - Christopher LaRocque
Selectman - Bob Hogan  - BHS Student - Dan Ayer
School Committee - Christine Monaco, Chairman - BHS Student -  April Hooper                       
School Committee - Thomas Murphy, Jr. - BHS Student -  Riza Usta
School Committee - Stephen Nelson - BHS Student -  Catherine Roberts
School Committee - Michael DeSimone - BHS Student -  Stephen Kolifrath                                   
School Committee- John Vanella - BHS Student -  Roshan Kumar
Superintendent - Dr. Eric Conti - BHS Student -  Evan Moore
Director of Finance and Operations - Craig Robinson - BHS Student -  Joe Magliozzi                       
Principal of High School - Patrick Larkin - BHS Student -  Kishan Ughreja
Associate Principal - Richard Sheehan - BHS Student -  Chelsea Scola                       
Associate Principal - Mark Sullivan - BHS Student -  Jospeh Centrella                                   
Athletic Director - Edward Gillis - BHS Student - Kiana DiMatteo                                   
Dr. of Pupil Services - Dr. Cathleen Estep - BHS Student -  Courtney Tolliday
Evaluation Administrator - Julie Woodland - BHS Student -  Christyl Skelton

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  1. Great job, Maruf!! We're very proud of you for representing BHS. We're looking forward to hearing from you about your day.