Thursday, May 6, 2010

BHS Mock Accident Sends Strong Message - Link to Boston Globe Article

Thanks to the organizational efforts of BHS Health Teacher and SADD Adviser Amy Doughy and Burlington Police Safety Officer Bernie Schipelliti, our students observed a staged crash to remind them of the importance of making constructive decisions during the upcoming prom and graduation season (and at all times).  This morning's Boston Globe ran an article in its Metro section on the program.

Please check out the slideshow below with all of the great pictures which were taken by Officer Jim Tigges from the Burlington Police.


  1. Though some did not see the mock accident in person, hearing about it, seeing the pictures of it, and talking about it in health class truly led to a catharsis of some students, myself included. I applaud and thank everyone who made this happen, because when this actually happens, it is one of the most tragic experiences imaginable. Thank you.
    - Melanie Canales

  2. I think that all students, not just the juniors and seniors should have seen this presentation. Some underclassmen are going to prom with older kids, and a lot are hanging out with kids who can already drive. Driving impared, not using seatbelts, and unsafe driving habits are happening all the time, not just prom night. I think this is an excellent program and hopefully, will be an annual event.

  3. It's more than a little emotional seeing your son zipped into a bag and loaded into a hearse, even when you know it's a drill. I've re-posted this on Facebook and in a letter to our congregation. This is an important message and a powerful way to get that message across.

    - Al Murray