Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ready or Not, It's Time For The Home Stretch!

The last day of vacation means that it is time to try to ease back into the "school mode."  That can be an overwhelming thing at this point in the year with all of the events coming up in the next two months (i.e. proms, senior activities, graduation, finals, etc.).

It is the most exciting and anxiety provoking time of the year. There is an abundance of excitement due to all of the opportunities that we will have to recognize students for their accomplishments.  But at the same time there is anxiety as we watch our students leave the confines of BHS to venture off into the next phase of their lives.

It is somewhat ironic that the questions that we ask ourselves as educators at the end of high school are similar to those that parents ask themselves as they reminisce about a short time back when their children would head out to catch the big yellow bus for the first time:

Have we done enough to prepare them for what is to come?
What did we forget to tell them?
Are they really ready?
Do they know how to handle failure?
Will they have enough to eat?

I am sure the list could go on and on, but whether we have accomplished all we intended or not the end to the 2009-2010 school year is near and the commencement for the Class of 2010 is a little more than a month away!  

However, the end of a school year also signals the beginning of the next as we make plans to have more answers or better answers to the questions that we ask ourselves about preparing our students. In order to answer these questions better, we will need to get as much feedback from parents, students, and teachers as possible.  Stay tuned as we continue to fulfill our mission and "prepare students for lifelong learning."  (What does that mean anyway?)

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  1. I agree!!!! Although we're in the home stretch (or Heart Break Hill for some), we're always on the job preparing the students for what's ahead.