Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Please Join The Burlington High School PTSO

To Burlington High School families –

We’d like to introduce this year’s PTSO (Parent, Teacher, Student Organization) board, and offer you the chance to join the PTSO.  The PTSO board members are:

April Healey – Co-President
Nancy Markuson – Co-President
Lisa Zenkin - Secretary
Diane Rose – Treasurer

Joining the PTSO only costs $10, and helps to show your support of the school.  In addition, families that are a member of the PTSO for 4 years are eligible for a scholarship for their graduating senior (chosen by lottery).  A membership form can be found at the PTSO webpage. We will also occasionally post information regarding membership and scholarships on the PTSO webpage, and we encourage you to contact one of the board members if you have a question about the school, but are unsure where to get the information.

The PTSO does no fundraising aside from this membership drive, so we urge you all to join.

Thank you,

The 2009-2010 PTO Board

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