Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Please Help! We Still Need Parent Chaperones For Our Post Graduation Party

For 19 years, the Burlington community has come together to host an all-night celebration for the graduating high school class. Typically over 95% of the graduates attend. The party is organized by parent-volunteers. Graduates check-in between 10:00– 11:00pm and the party continues until 5:00am the next morning.

We still need some chaperones for the this great event!

PLEASE HELP: Will you be a chaperone at the BHS Post Graduation (all-night) Party?  We still need 15 chaperones (men and women) for the third shift (3am -5am) on Monday June 7.   Any adult that does not have a senior at the party is welcome.  This is a great way to "pay it forward."  Help us this year and when your child graduates, the parents of underclassmen will be there for you!  To volunteer, or if you have any questions, please contact Michele Shields at or 781-270-5142.

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