Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Guest Post On The Italian Exchange By BHS Sophomore Melanie Canales

The Italian Exchange Program is a positive cultural exposure for both students and the community. By welcoming Italian students to Burlington, we are not only broadening their horizon, but ours as well. Though the students were forced to stay in the US until Wednesday because of the ash cloud over Europe, all the students still found ways to make their time together educational and enjoyable. What many people do not realize is that while the interaction between American and Italian students may seem frivolous at best, they are actually learning how to interact with people of different cultures. 

Just as importantly, the students learn something that they can not learn soley in the classroom. This is an important aspect of education in Burlington; helping students incorporate learning in and out of school. Within the first five days spent in Burlington, the exchange students went to the Boston Museum of Science, Plymouth Plantation, the USS Constitution, and Boston in general. Students observed the historical and social aspects of Bostonian life.

Every evening, the students got together at someone’s home and talked around a campfire or just enjoying each other’s music. This allowed students to interact with one another and truly begin to understand a different culture and each other. By the time Saturday came, everyone was sadly expecting to say goodbye, when they were happily surprised to find that the students were not leaving. 

However, the travelling situation of the students was up in the air until Wednesday, which made the time stressful for not only the host families, but the teachers as well. Despite the instability of the situation, all the students found time to be together and enjoy each other’s company. The exchange program offers the students of Burlington an opportunity to interact and learn about people from another country, and just as importantly, have fun and build bonds with others in the process.


  1. This was great, Melanie!! I enjoyed reading this. Molto grazie for sharing this with us, Melanie!!

  2. Great article, Melanie!! << Molto grazie >> for sharing.

  3. Excellent! I was involved with the exchange program at BHS, many moons ago when it was with the Germans. I am so happy to see that there is still a prugram there!