Thursday, April 15, 2010

Check Out The Collaborative Project Between 9th Graders From Burlington and Stoughton

One of our 9th Grade English teachers, Mr. Calvin, has a great collaborative project going with Ms. Fidler, an English teacher from Stoughton High School. Click on this link to the Lord of the Flies Google site.  The description of the assignment is below.
Objectives for this project include increasing students visual/spacial understanding of events in the novel "Lord of the Flies." Students also will learn to incorporate geographic information into their lives, as well as elements of social media. In addition, students will use a wiki-based project page (here) to communicate and post updates, work, and insights. While each group functions as a pair, the classes on the whole are functioning as groups, offering each other insights and constructive criticism.
  • Accurate placement of the object, event, or character on the island.
    • Minimum of 3 cited quotes to support placement
  • Factual and complete summary of that object or event.
    • Quotes optional but encouraged
    • Minimum of 200 words
    • Maximum of 250 words
  • Detailed analysis of that object, character, or event's symbolic meaning.
    • Minimum of 4 cited quotes
    • Minimum of 500 words
    • Maximum of 750 words
    Symbolic Analysis:
    • The male-ness or female-ness of the object/event/character.
    • Any significant colors associated with the object/event/character.
    • Biblical references to the object/event/character.
    • Light vs Dark / Good vs Evil
    • Allegorical usages 
Grading Criteria:
  1. Accuracy of geo-location (10%)
  2. Communication as a group pair (15%)
  3. Accuracy/completeness of summary (25%)
  4. Detailed and completeness of symbolic analysis (50%)
Students must deliver:
    1. Accurate points marked and annotated on the map
    2. Accurate and complete summary of the event/object
    3. Detailed co-written symbolic analysis of the event/object
    4. Documentation of communication between members of the group
Project Constraints
Like all group projects, this one is dependent on your full cooperation and participation. If one member of your group chooses to slack, it will ultimately impact both of your grades. Students must be willing to leave their comfort zones, communicate effectively with their partners, and put forth best effort at all times if this project is to succeed.

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