Tuesday, March 2, 2010

BHS Students Show Their Passion For The Arts

As I was walking through the cafeteria at lunch today, I was suddenly barraged by a bunch of e-mails. I was afraid to look at my phone, but then I noticed that the e-mails were from a number of our BHS Digital Arts students who wanted to share some of their work with me.

Equally impressive to the slides that I received (check out some of them in the slideshow above) were the reflections that students shared. There has been a lot of talk among educators in my Professional Learning Network (PLN) lately about allowing students to find their passion. Ironically, some of these digital images were part of a project called "passion self-portrait."

As a final thought, I think we have a lot to learn from our art teachers, both in performing arts and in visual arts in regards to helping students find their passion.

Thanks to all of the students who took the time to share their work! I am continually impressed by both their art work and their reflections about the process.

Here are a couple of the reflections:

My passion is music so I had my mom take some pictures of me while I was playing guitar.
My idea for this project was to create the appearance of a stage. I
used about 6 different textures throughout the piece. The first one I
used was the stage surface. This is actually created by a scratched up
pick that I had in my pocket. The black backdrop is my black fleece
sweatshirt. I used my headphones and I made them look like spotlights.
I choose to make my picture black and white to create the look of an
old rock photo. (Tim McLaughlin)

This is a picture I did second quarter. We got to chose any quote we wanted and write it out somehow. I chose The Beatles' "I Want To Hold Your Hand." I adore that song, so why not use that quote! I love being as creative as possible and this project let me express my unique side. I always take these chances any way I can! (Tali Singer)

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