Friday, March 19, 2010

MCAS Schedule Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

As you have hopefully heard by now, our schedule will be adjusted during MCAS testing days next week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Homeroom will begin at 9 a.m. on each of the days. The bus company has informed that student pickups would be similar to what they are for a two-hour delay.  Dismissal will still be at 2 p.m. each day. The reason for this was highlighted in a post earlier in the week. 

Parents of sophomores are reminded that this late start is intended to give students an extra hour of sleep prior to testing. Sophomores are reminded that the MCAS ELA Exams will begin immediately after homeroom and testing will be given in homeroom.  Students need to bring several sharpened #2 pencils and dictionaries will be allowed on Tuesday but not allowed on Wednesday and Thursday.  A thesaurus is not allowed on any testing day.



  1. The bus schedule is ambiguous for the MCAS test days. I looked on the BHS home page under Schedules->Bus Schedule, and it gives an error page. If it is "similar to... a two-hour delay," does that mean they pick up two hours later than usual?

  2. Yes - The bus company told us that pickup would be two-hours later. As soon as they are finished with the elementary runs the high school pick-ups will begin. In some cases it could be a few minutes earlier. Students will be dropped off at the high school shortly after 9 and they should proceed directly to homeroom.

  3. A few minutes earlier? 20 minutes earlier today. Today the bus was even earlier than yesterday. Second day in a row we had to drive the student to school.