Monday, March 8, 2010

I Can't Believe These Comments Came From A Professional Development Day!

I am looking through the comments on the Google form from my teachers about today's "Google 20% Day." I knew it would go well, but I am amazed at the positive energy that is flowing from allowing teachers to choose their own focal points for a PD day. It is by far the best feedback I have seen following any PD Day that I have been involved with in my 13 years as an administrator. I have bulleted some of the comments below. Imagine if we did the same thing with students 20% of the time? What would the day look like and what would their feedback be? Hmmm?

Teacher Feedback
  • No hyperbole - I could not be happier with it. This is one of the only times my professional development days has allowed me to develop professionally. Great idea.
  • I loved it. More days like this would be fantastic. I'm really thankful for the "top down support for bottom up ideas". Today was a great example of this philosophy.
  • It is nice to be able to take our own ideas and expand upon them given the time
  • I liked having the freedom to collaborate with the rest of our department on what WE thought needed to be addressed. It allowed us to look at new information (LIfe Fitness) and evaluate other areas without time/personnel restraints.
  • Excellent. You provided exactly what we teachers always say we want, which is more time to explore our own projects, rather than suffering through a half-baked seminar, or even a fully-baked one. Give teachers the time to be productive on their own, and most of us will be. Thanks!
  • I liked it. It allowed me to complete work that had been "stewing" for months.
  • The most productive PD day I've ever had. I've been meaning to do what I did today for years.
  • LOVED IT!!!! We each know our individual needs in terms of professional development. Also, it enabled us to meet with colleagues on topics that we wanted to explore.
  • It was wonderful!!! Do it again!! Our days are too packed w/ student stuff, as they should be. I've always been convinced that the best PD is that which we create for ourselves.
  • I loved that today inspired me as I heard and saw what others were working on: a literary map, new smartboard lessons, creating a art gallery, etc. Thank you, thank you!


  1. Good for you for doing this for PD! That is great and is something that NEEDS to be done more often for us teachers! We are leaders and innovators, just need the TIME!

  2. Thank you for an engaging day. It was so wonderful to absorb the different websites: Google, Twitter, etc. What great ways to maximize student learning and maximiz teaching!!!!

  3. Congratulations. Your Google 20% Day shows that you can empower teachers (people) to take charge of their learning.

  4. Great to hear such a wonderful response from your staff! I forwarded this post to my administrators. Thanks!