Thursday, March 25, 2010

FY2011 Budget Update From Dr. Conti

We finished presenting the last parts of the FY2011 budget to the school committee last night along with a proposed list of Warrant Articles.
The School Committee requested that they see the un-cut requests from every department as a starting point.  The total of all of the requests required about a 5% increase from last year’s budget.  As stated in a prior post:
FY2010 Budget: $36,185,767
Proposed FY2011 Budget: $37,988,845
An increase of $1,803,077 or about 5%
The guideline provided to the school district is 2.5% leaving us a $900,000 deficit to close.  The next steps will involve creating a menu of reductions to present to the School Committee on the evening of April 6th.
There are no easy reductions to make in a school’s operating budget because we are a salary driven organization with established contracts to honor as the major part of the budget.
Professional Salaries = 69.8% - $26,518,547
Support Salaries = 14.3% – $5,443,285
Contracted Services = 9.5% – $3,598,455
Transportation = 2.6% – $983,096
Supplies = 2.4% – $894,212
Textbooks = 0.8% – $296,856
Equipment = 0.7% – $254,394
Warrant Articles
It is important to stress that the list of Warrant Articles is preliminary.  We will pare them down as the money available for Warrants is identified.  Moreover, this money is used for both Town and School District projects and does not impact the operating budget summarized above.  
The items are taken from the district’s ten-year capital plan.  If there is not funding or we do not obtain approval at Town Meeting, then the projects get placed back on the capital plan.  The list is NOT prioritized and we are still waiting for estimates on some of the projects.
Article 1: Marshall Simonds Middle School Renovation, TBD
Article 2:  System-wide Repaving Program, $500,000
Article 3: BHS Interior Bleacher Replacement, $230,000
Article 4: BHS Bathroom Renovations, $60,000
Article 5: BHS Access Road Lighting, $120,000
Article 6: BHS Administrative Area Renovations, $85,000
Article 7: Pine Glen Administrative Area Renovations, $35,000
Article 8: Pine Glen Roof replacement, $66,000
Article 9: Fox Hill Cafe’ Floor Replacement, $30,000
Article 10: Francis Wyman Auditorium Chair Replacement, $114,000
Article 11: Francis Wyman Library AC Installation, $75,000
Article 12: Town/District Computer Replacement, $200,000
Article 13: BHS Water Line Installation, TBD
Article 14: Pine Glen Floor Replacement (Flood Damage), TBD
Article 15: Francis Wyman Greenhouse, $10,000

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