Tuesday, March 23, 2010

BHS Destination Imagination Team Places Third

The BHS Destination Imagination team participated in this year’s Destination ImagiNation™ regional tournament on Sunday, March 21st at Triton Regional High in Byfield under team manager and MSMS BEAM teacher, Susan Rogers. 
The Astronaut Farmers team included BHS sophomores, Elizabeth Burkhart, Andrew Frost, Saqib Hashim, Walter Kikuchi, Emily Murgo and Danielle Schissler whose challenge was entitled, “You’re Gonna Flip”.  The clever sophomores presented an original story dramatizing a fashion model suffering from mysophobia, in which they showcased their design and construction of a featured puppet character (a germ) while also creating a piece of live visual art (collage poster). During their 8-minute performance, students had to tell their “sad” story of an out-of-work model whose livelihood was threatened by her germ-phobic avoidance to wearing make-up. In the end, her friends and agent convince her to “flip” her view of germs & makeup, realizing her inner beauty in spite of her difficulties!  The BHS team took the Third Place award within their highly competitive senior division. (Check out the video below)

What is Destination ImagiNation™?  “Today's corporations are looking for young people who can work on a team to brainstorm, problem solve, and develop solutions all within a time limit and budget. Will your child have the skills? Destination ImagiNation™ offers a fun way to get there.” (from MA DI website: http://www.idodi.org/index.php/why-di)
Destination ImagiNation™ helps kids gain practical life skills through interesting and entertaining challenges. Teams of up to seven students choose their challenge and work for months developing their solution. Volunteer team managers (parents, teachers or community volunteers) facilitate the group, but cannot give technical or other assistance. Kids are empowered to design, produce and present all of their own work, incorporating elements of math, science, structural architecture, art, music, and/or improvisational drama.  Additionally, on the day of the regional meet, teams face “Instant Challenge” problems that require on-the-spot brainstorming and subsequent performance solutions.  Teams present their solutions at regional and state tournaments, demonstrating the many possible ways to solve the same problem.  First Place teams advance to the State Finals, held annually at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and from there, may advance further to the Global Finals, held each May at the University of Tennessee.

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