Friday, February 12, 2010

What Do You Think Of The MIAA Football Playoff Proposal?

There has been a lot of discussion about the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association's proposal to revamp the current high school football alignment. Recent articles by both the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald have highlighted the pros and cons.

In addition, during a meeting with Middlesex League Principals and Athletic Directors this past week relevant points were made on both sides of this issue. I am wondering how others feel about this proposal. What do you see as the major pluses and minuses as Principals prepare for this binding vote on March 26?


  1. I like the idea of all students having the opportunity to play at Gilette.

    Mike Barth
    Tahanto Regional Middle High School

  2. I like the proposal as it would allow us to play schools of comparative size on a year in year out basis and the largest benefit is it will allow many more teams an opportunity to play in a playoff game.

  3. I do not see one good thing about the proposal. It seems to go against everything the MIAA preaches about championship not being the most important event of the season. I also do not like not knowing who the last 3 or 4 games will be against and that takes away from local rivalries which is unique to football.

  4. If I understand this correctly, if the new plan of a Statewide Playoff system is implemented and Burlington wins the sectional playoff round the week before the traditional Thanksgiving game. This means Burlington qualifies for a Super Bowl berth after the Thanksgiving day game. Does the Thanksgiving day game now become meaningless? Do the Burlington coaches rest key players in preparation for the Super Bowl?

  5. I have heard some people make that point. But I do not think that high school coaches rest players as they do in professional sports. We qualify for the tournament in other sports earlier in the season and keep playing our starters.

    It is a good question.

  6. The Burkhead plan provides more kids with an opportunity at a playoff possibility. The traditional attitude towards turkey day would be sustained. To give more credibility to the plan start the season a week earlier. Then we would not have kids missing the start of winter sports. Football is no different than life or success. Kids want to play the game, they strive for success, maybe this will help the middle of the road type teams work-out harder, play harder and raise their bar for success. Basketball, hockey, baseball all have similar tournaments. Other states have championship seasons, it is about time football in MA gets with a tournament.

  7. It seems to me to be another way of "giving everyone a trophy". Why do more teams need to go to the playoffs? The current system of tournaments for all other sports is putting teams ito the tournament that shouldn't be playing at that level. How does a team feel when they make the tournament and are crushed in the first round by a more dominant team?

    My biggest issue with the proposal is that it is clearly designed to put more money into the MIAA coffers. ADs/schools will be stuck setting up venues and receive nothing in return for it. Stay with the current model. I like rivalries and I believe that is what fuels higher gate receipts that schools depend on to pay the bills. A state run tourny would, in my opinion, become a big money loser in a short amount of time as people stop traveling to see games against teams that they are unfamiliar with or that are too far away.