Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Poetry Out Loud Finalists Named

The English Hallway at BHS

The finalists for this year's Poetry Out Loud Finals have been named. Check the list below from the BHS Poetry Out Loud Website - Check the site for all of the past and present news about Poetry Out Loud at BHS.

1st Period Winner - Zill Patel - Poor Angels
2nd place - Patrick Hanafin - Prisoners
3rd place - Courtney Tolliday - Blind Curse

2nd Period Winner - Futaba Shioda - Hate Poem
2nd place - Caroline Coe - Strange Meeting
3rd place - Walter Kikuchi - Booker T & W.E.B.

3rd Period Winner - David Murray - Epilogue
2nd place - Samantha Simon - Hate Poem
3rd place - (Three-way tie)
Monique Braga - Death Be Not Proud
Nasro Omar - The Desert
Sarah Fleischmann -

4th Period Winner - Katie Pustizzi - Over the Roofs
2nd place - Shane Ryan - The Truth the Dead See
3rd place - Gloria Nassanga - Coda

5th Period Winner - Eric Leva - A Supermarket in California
2nd place - Chelsea Rose - Blackberrying
3rd place - Chris Coe - Mingus at the Showplace

6th Period Winner - Kevin Parker - England in 1819
2nd place - (tie)
Catie Riggs - Dona Josefina Counsels Dona Concepcion Before Entering Sears
Ben Cao - The Gift
3rd place - Christina Gaudet - My Grandmother's Love Letters

7th Period Winner - Melanie Canales - Dona Josefina Counsels Dona Concepcion Before Entering Sears
2nd place - Marissa Cote - Come Up From the Fields Father
3rd place - Michael Keating - To His Coy Mistress

Wild Cards (tie)
Caroline Coe
Chelsea Rose

Honorable Mentions
Ian Drummond - Period 2 - Jabberwocky
Yash Adhikari - Period 5 - Immigrant Picnic
Natalie Casey - Period 5 - And Soul
Evan Moore - Period 7 - Ice Bound
Kaplita Patel - Period 7 - Hate Poem

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