Saturday, February 6, 2010

Photos From The Week January 29-February 5

The embedded slideshow is some photos from the past week. There are a few photos from Educon 2.2 where I got to meet so many members of my Personal Learning Network (PLN) who I had communicated with for months on-line, sharing resources and discussing how we can continue to improve our schools. I had a chance to put down a few thoughts about Educon on the Educator's Royal Treatment, a great blog maintained by Ken Royal who is a Senior Editor for Scholastic Professional Media.

The Educon pictures include a couple of phenomenal teachers. One is Mary Beth Hertz, an elementary teacher from Philadelphia whose blog Philly Teacher is a must follow for those interested in seeing best practice. Her blog was nominated for an Edublog award as one of the best teacher blogs. Another is Beth Still, whose blog Nebraska Change Agent is another great source of cutting edge resources. The third one that one that I am was taken with Jackie Gerstein, a professor at Boise State and Kaplan University who is an expert in on-line course design and using technology in the classroom.

There is also a photo of Science Leadership Academy Principal Chris Lehmann who is one of the most highly regarded Principals in the country. He is a model for all Principals to follow due to his amazing combination of compassion and innovation. The final Educon picture is of a session I attended on re-thinking teacher education by Dean Shareski and Alec Couros, two professors from the University of Regina.

The remaining photos are from the happenings at BHS during the past week.

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