Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Parents Night For the Class of 2014

Ninth Grade Parents Night Class of 2014

Thanks to all of the parents of the BHS Class of 2014 who came out to meet with us last night. Please feel free to post questions or make comments here on the BHS Blog.


  1. Thanks for posting this. I couldn't make the event. The links to presentations and Burlington Schools produced an 500:Internal Server Error.
    Is there no community service requirement for graduation? Also am I to understand the slides that phys ed is not mandatory for the 8 semesters, but only 4? Can students take more than one elective a semester - opting for an elective over any free periods they might have? thanks!

  2. I am not sure about the error that you mention. The presentation should be right in the blog and you can click on the play button. Internal server error would lead me to think that the problem is on your end?

    There is currently not a community service requirement for graduation at BHS. They investigated it a few years back and felt that there are a number of students taking part in community service activities with school groups and outside groups and that a mandate was not the best option.

    PE is taken each year. 9th graders take it throughout the year twice a week. All 10th graders take a semester of PE and a semester of health. Juniors and seniors each take a semester of PE.

    Students can take more than one elective in a a semester. Typically 9th graders will choose a foreign language as one elective which will allow them to choose one other.

    Thanks for your questions!