Monday, January 25, 2010

Which Line of Thinking Do You Think Schools Subscribe To?

As a former English teacher, I have always been a fan of hyperbole. I am hoping that the video above is an example of hyperbole, but I fear that it is closer to reality in some educational institutions. Are schools looking hard enough to solve old problems with new ways of thinking? I am optimistic that in Burlington we are looking at new solutions to some of our outdated problems. We will not be a school that is "stuck" like those in the video above because of a narrow focus. By the way, thanks to Will Richardson for posting the link to this video.

The video below is from Kaplan University and it shows the "Aha Moment" that we all need to have about the changes needed in our schools. Where and when people learn has changed dramatically and because of this we need dramatic changes inside our schools. There is an alternative. Unfortunately, it is irrelevance.


  1. I use the escalator movie each year with new teachers as a reminder that there are times when they need to take a chance, to make that step, to "go for it", because as an administrator, I never mind when a teacher takes a chance even if they make a mistake. In fact, I expect them to take chances, try new strategies and, yes, make mistakes. All I ask is that student safety comes first, and that each of their mistakes are unique.

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