Thursday, January 28, 2010

BHS Guidance Hosts First Breakfast For Sophomore Parents

In an effort to continue provide more opportunities for interaction between BHS staff and parents, the BHS Guidance Department hosted breakfast for the parents of 10th graders yesterday. Earlier in the year, we hosted a similar breakfast for the parents of 9th Graders.

The BHS Guidance staff covered topics such as PSAT, MCAS, the importance of involvement in co-curricular activities and other topics. You can see a few clips above of some of the speakers (BHS Guidance Counselor Barbara Malatesta, Student Services Coordinator Joseph Attubato, Superintendent Eric Conti, Peer-Mentor Leaders Carolline Coe and Kevin Parker). Don't forget to check out the BHS Guidance Blog for the latest guidance news.

We hope that we were clear on the need for a two-way conversation between BHS and all parents to ensure that we continue to grow as a school and provide the best possible environment for our students. We welcome your feedback through (e-mails, phone calls, blog comments, etc.) Please stay tuned for some of our upcoming efforts to increase engagement on behalf of students and parents.

The program ended with a look at the two videos on this post. In my mind, it is a look at where schools have been in regards to their thinking followed by a look at where we need to go. We can't go without your help!

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