Thursday, January 28, 2010

BHS Art Students Grab Seven Gold Keys In Scholastic Art Awards

Burlington High School is proud to announce that our art students have been awarded seven Gold Keys and seven Honorable Mentions in the annual Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards competition. Congratulations to these students, whose works were selected from over 6500 individual pieces of art and almost 500 portfolio entries.

Check out the work of the Gold Key winners below:

Caitlin Abruzzo received a GoldKey for her comic art below which was titled "Cheery." Caitlin also received a second Gold Key for her portfolio work (8 pieces)

Juan Aguilar received a Gold Key for his drawing called "Life of an Orange."

Krupali Patel received a Gold Key for her digital artwork titled "Radhaswami."

Tali Singer received a Gold Key for her digital artwork titled "Summertime."

Jerrill Varghese received a Gold Key in the Design category for his poster for Titanic The Musical.

Damian Gordon was awarded a Gold Key in the Film and Animation category for his work called "Fading Colors."

BHS students who were awarded Honorable Mentions were:

Leanne Aiello - Photography - "Bridge Over Troubled Water"
Briana Anderson - Digital Art - "War and Peace"
Sarah Boari - Photography- "Lone Leaf"
Giovanni Ferrini - Digital Art - "Owl Eyes"
Brianna Gainley - Drawing - "Ian"
Kaitlyn Morneweck - Drawing - "Interior"
Jerril Varghese - Cover Design- "Making Our Mark" (Burlington High School Yearbook Cover)

The student Awards Day is Sunday, February 14, 2010. The Awards Ceremonies will take place at John Hancock Hall. The exhibit is on the second floor of the State Transportation Building in Boston and will be open from12:00 noon - 5:00 p.m every day starting Monday through the month of February.

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  1. I am so very impressed with the talents that run through the art department in Burlington High School. All of these students and their families should be so proud of their accomplishments. Their view of the world around them is brilliant and their creativity knows no bounds! Congratulations to all our students.