Thursday, December 3, 2009

World Challenge - A Once In A Lifetime Experience For Students

BHS is in the early stages of creating a World Challenge expedition for interested students. I have had the opportunity to see students at each my two previous schools take part in this unique program. All who have participated have talked about it as a life-altering experience.

Below is some more background on World Challenge (also see the video above):

World Challenge is an educational organization founded in the United Kingdom 22 years ago and within the U.S. 8 years ago. Their leadership and personal development program is aimed at high school students and culminates into a month long expedition to one of 45 developing nations across South and Central America, Africa and Asia. World Challenge has taken more than 60 000 students on expedition and works with over 1200 schools globally. Since the U.S. office opened 8 years ago the organization has steadily been growing to provide high school teachers and students with an experience of a lifetime.

World Challenge values their philosophy of education through experience. Their expeditions offer the experience of a lifetime. Packed with physical challenges, eye-opening cultural exchanges and meaningful service projects in some of the world’s most beautiful countries, these exhilarating 2 to 4 week expeditions are also journeys of self discovery that benefit young people from all backgrounds.

-Steve a teacher from Nantucket High School has done the following expeditions Tanzania 2004, Tanzania 2006, India 2008 and had this to say about the experience:

"This was my third World Challenge trip. I love this program because it brings so much out of the students, and really immerses them so completely into the culture and daily life of the host country. World Challenge trips are the ultimate teaching and learning experience, in the ultimate classroom. They are the most rewarding and inspirational part of my professional life."

Stephen a teacher from Newton North High School (MA) has done expeditions to Tanzania (2006) and Peru (2008) and had this to say:
Kids grow up so much during their high school years, but it’s truly an amazing experience to watch it happen before your very eyes. I’ve never gained more respect for a group of people than I did for the teenagers turned young adults that I went away with.”

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  1. When would you anticipate BHS participating in this program?