Friday, December 11, 2009

What Really Happens When All The Principals and The Superintendent Meet

No offense is intended towards any particular person, but my experience with meetings run by administrators for administrators is that these sessions can be BORING and lacking in usefulness. In fact, I have to admit that I too have followed suit and run numerous meetings in this sleep-provoking manner.

The good news is that our Superintendent, Dr. Conti, has modeled a structure for the administrators in Burlington where Principals have an opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions about teaching and learning. He has even invited teachers to sit in which I am thinking may be against the national guidelines for conducting administrative meetings?I thought that rule #1 was - "What happens in administrative meetings stays in administrative meetings?"

In all seriousness, the teachers have brought a refreshing perspective to these meetings. I guess it shouldn't be surprising that the staff members who are actually doing the teaching would add significantly to the conversations about student learning.

For more on the Burlington Administrative Council Meetings check out Dr. Conti's blog post.

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