Saturday, December 12, 2009

Varsity Field Project Moving Along

School Committe Field Presentation
This past Tuesday night, the School Committee was provided an update on our Varsity Field project which as you know will provide our community with a new turf field and a renovated stadium next fall (slide 2 shows the timeline for this project).


Our current work has been focused on agreeing to a design for the project so that a final plan can be submitted to the Burlington Planning Board for approval. As you can see, from the slides a few different options have been discussed.

Slide three shows an overhead view of the current field with our proposal for new bleachers which call for seating for 1,000 on the BHS side and seating for 400 on the visiting side. The next slide (slide four) shows the planned design for inside of the track with a few changes from the current layout shown on slide three.

On slide four, you will notice that there is the addition of a building on the left side of the layout which will house bathrooms (for spectators) and locker rooms (for two teams). A drawing of this building can be found on slide six.

Slide five shows the building at the entrance to the field which will house concessions, a ticket booth, and a storage area. There are a couple of different options for the placement of this building (shown on slides 9 and 10).

The placement of this building in option 1 (slide 9) would call for fans to enter to the right of the building as they do now. Option 2 would have fans entering to the left of the building. The Varsity Field Subcommittee acting in an advisory capacity to the School Committee recommended option 2 due to the fact that it will allow a better flow of spectators entering the stadium and it would stop the bottle-neck that can happen to the right side of the home bleachers during well attended events.

Option 2 (which was approved by the School Committee Tuesday night) will allow visiting spectators to continue to the left of the home bleachers and take a path that will bring them around to the visiting bleachers. It will also be a natural traffic pattern since the bathrooms will be located on the left side of the new layout.

The subcommittee will meet next in the lower library at BHS on Wednesday night at 6 p.m. We welcome your feedback!

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