Wednesday, December 2, 2009

An Interesting Conversation (On Twitter) About What Makes A "21st Century Educator"

Every Tuesday night on Twitter there is a discussion called EdChat. During last night's discussion those Twitterers who participated tried to determine what skills, traits, or characteristics were necessary for "21st Century Educators."

Here is a bit from one of the moderators, Steven Anderson, an Instructional Technology teacher from North Carolina:

If I ever become an administrator, in the position to hire teachers or other school faculty my first question to a potential new hire will be for them to demonstrate to me how they collaborate. I want to know how they work with others. Do they have a PLN that they have created? Do they even know what a PLN is? Who will they turn to when they have a question about teaching or subject-matter? Going even further, how will they foster collaboration in their classroom. When I walk by will I see drones in the seats or kids, excitedly learning, talking, working together?

If you wanna move from being a good teacher to a great teacher, its all about collaboration. We need teachers who look beyond themselves and want to work with others, who want to reach out to others. But we also want teachers who are willing to create an environment in their classroom where kids can work together, problem solve, put their heads together, collaborate.

Mr. Anderson's blog is one of the best places to learn about Web 2.0 resources. I encourage you to read more from his post What Is A Great Teacher? Then add your own comments!

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