Tuesday, December 1, 2009

BHS Drama Presents The Crucible December 4 & 5


Burlington High School Drama Club

The Burlington High School Drama Club will present Arthur Miller’s classic play “The Crucible,” on Friday, December 4th and Saturday, December 5th, 2009. The performances will begin at 7:30 pm in the Fogelberg Auditorium of the high school.

“The Crucible” is an intense story that focuses on a group of Puritan girls who are caught dancing in the woods. Out of fear of consequential punishment and in an attempt to save themselves, they spin a dangerous tale of witchcraft that careens out of control and brings chaos to their community. What starts as a self-preserving lie leads to the destruction of many lives. The play is one that will leave audiences with both a sense of hope for humanity, and an understanding of what it means to be socially responsible.

A political allegory, “The Crucible” addresses two events in American history: the Salem witch trials and the McCarthy hearings. During both these times, people were ruled by fear, which greatly affected the decisions they made. The dramatic plot of Miller’s play provides a fictional account of the trials in Salem – from accusations to executions – and addresses themes of personal and social responsibility, as well as fear, hysteria, and the corruption of power. Miller’s play, a strong example of protest literature, is at once engaging and thought-provoking. Miller asks his audience to consider the parallels between the situation in Salem and the problems implicit in Senator McCarthy’s hearings.

Featured in the BHS production of “The Crucible” are seniors Kevin Parker as John Proctor, Caroline Coe as Elizabeth Proctor, Chelsea Rose as Abigail Williams, David Murray as Deputy Governor Danforth, Michael Keating as Reverend Parris, Rameez Pervaiz as Reverend Hale, and freshman Marissa Coté as Mary Warren. Also included in the cast are seniors Katie Baker as Ezekiel Cheever, Taylor Waisnor as Susanna Wallcott, Andrew Maurer as Thomas Putnam, Bridget Hoarty as Sarah Good, and Damien Gordon as Hopkins. Rounding out the cast are: sophomores Futaba Shioda as Betty Parris, Michelle Lee as Tituba, Stephanie Swiszcz as Mercy Lewis, Emily Murgo as Rebecca Nurse, Danielle Schissler as Giles Corey, Stuart Gelin as Judge Hathorne and Giovanna Fernandes as Ruth Putnam; junior Maria Perfetti as Ann Putnam; and freshman Chris Coe as Marshal Willard,

Student crew members are junior Chris LaRocque and sophomore Jessica Olin as Sound Technicians, freshmen RJ Dalton and Jon DiRusso as Lighting Technicians, juniors Daryn Starkey as Assistant Stage Manager and Tori Carrabino as Prop Master, and senior Nick Abruzzese as Building Master. Stage crew members are John Kelley, Edward Chilliest, Sam Coté, Nick Stewart and Fergie Medar.

The production of “The Crucible” boasts a strong team of teachers who are directing, producing and designing for the show. Director Anne Ford (English), Producer and Lighting/Sound

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