Monday, November 9, 2009

Cellphones in the Classroom Are Adding Value

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Despite the fact that some schools (see photo above) still miss the opportunity to utilize the most current technologies (i.e. cellphones) to engage students, teachers at Arapahoe High School in Littleton, Colorado are using cellphones in the classroom as an additional tool for engagement. At BHS we are also fortunate that our School Council, Central Office, and School Committee supported a change in our handbook to allow this type of 21st Century learning to take place in classrooms at BHS.

Check out the blog post from Arapahoe High's Anne Smith (from her blog Learning and Laptops) regarding her use of to create an interactive lesson where every student in the class had the opportunity to provide quality feedback by using a cellphone during class.

"The combination of technology, questions, group work, and a classroom where we operate under the motto 'This is NOT education as usual' made this an amazing day."

The use of cellphones and other mobil technolgies in the classroom are being embraced by many teachers across the country. I spoke briefly of this in a previous post Cellphone Learning Not An Oxymoron. For further information, I encourage you to read Pockets of Potential which was published by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Street Workshop last January.

Stay tuned to the BHS Blog for posts about innovative ways our staff utilize technology to engage students.

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  1. Thanks for the cool link to the Sesame Workshop publication. We have been exploring ways to integrate cell technology and stop worrying so frenetically about policing it! We met with some Verizon reps on an application that was interesting but cost-prohibitive. The key for us will be integrating use of students' own phones for classroom purposes.