Saturday, October 10, 2009

Teenagers Doing Amazing Things!!!

This great article came from Tech Crunch. It highlights 10 impressive stories about teenagers who have already utilized their entrepreneurial skills to outshine most experienced adult entrepreneurs. I often wonder why we fail to utilize the amazing intellectual capacity of our students and I believe that this article is just another piece of evidence pointing to this obvious oversight. Our students can teach us many things and come up with better ideas than we have ever dreamed of. This is not because we have adults who are not talented, but it is because students come at things from a different point of view. Never has this been more apparent in our current age where most students are more comfortable with modern technology than their teachers and their parents.

Daniel Brusilovsky does a much better job making this point in the following article which I encourage you to read. Ten Teen Entrepreneurs To Watch I look forward to a day when some of our BHS students appear on this list.

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