Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Plenty of Food For Thought Served Up At Our First Guidance Breakfast

Our Guidance Department has initiated a Guidance Breakfast this year for the parents of 9th Graders in an effort to increase home-school communication. Over 60 parents attended the event this morning.

For me the take-away was the great questions that the parents asked and should continue to ask about the type of feedback that they should expect from our school. I think that we can all agree that all parents should receive quality feedback regarding student progress here at Burlington High School. However, the problem tends to be that what each person in the equation considers quality feedback differs dramatically. Our job here at BHS is to make sure that we all agree on a standard for what quality feedback to parents looks like. What does it look like to you? (Concrete examples are welcome!)

The only way we can truly achieve our full potential is to increase the amount of parent engagement here at BHS. While we have a great deal of parent involvement, we need parent engagement to ensure that our school continues to deliver a high-quality 21st Century high school education. Larry Ferlazzo does a good job explaning the difference between involvement and engagement in his blog post on the topic. In short he states, "when we’re involving parents, ideas and energy tends to come from the schools and from government mandates. When we’re engaging parents, ideas tend to be elicited from parents by school staff in the context of developing trusting relationships." In fact, the same thing can be said for student and staff engagement which also must be fostered.

In closing, we need your ideas in order to maintain and expand our reputation as a fine high school. Please comment here on the blog, e-mail me ( or any staff member, call me on my direct line (781 270-1836)

Thanks to Mrs. Malatesta and our entire BHS Guidance Dept. for initiating this conversation!
Two of our Flite Mentor Leaders spoke briefly to parents.

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