Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Creative Breakthroughs - How Are We Doing?

Thanks to Jayson W. Richardson at the University of North Carolina Wilmington for the following link and summary. It provides a great overview of what effective organizations (including schools) do well. As always, I am led to the question - How are we doing?

CNN currently has a news link titled Six Steps to Creative Breakthroughs.

They are:
  1. Look behind you - Investigate the history of what worked, what did not work, and what might have worked given different scenarios.
  2. Lose the routine - In other words, 'Play!' This might be reading, hitting seminars, attending conferences, etc. Taking time away from the routine of preparing, teaching, grading can have great rewards.
  3. Use the brains you hired - Let employees (i.e., teachers snd ) take risks and not be penalized for failure.
  4. Get cozy with customers - Get to know the needs of students, parents, and the community.
  5. Share the load - Use resources in house, at the local college, or in the community to get things done.
  6. Try to fail quickly - Quickly move from thinking about change, to doing it. Set benchmarks to determine if the innovation is working. Commit but don't be afraid to admit defeat.
To read the entire article click on the followig link - Creative Breakthroughs

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  1. I really liked #3 & 6 a lot. I appreciate those that allow me to fail, and in many ways, I fail on a daily basis. What I try to do, however, is make each failure unique. That helps me grow, learn, and redevelelop my thoughts. As educational leaders, we have give teachers the opporunity to fail and learn without concern that their efforts will be criticized. What defines a spectacular teacher is her ability to learn from failure. Those teachers that repeat their failures are doomed for mediocrity.