Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Technology In Education - Where Do (I) We Start?

As I dwell on the overwhelming prospect of integrating technology into our school, I am constantly reminding myself of Kotter's advice in Leading Change regarding creating a sense of urgency without increasing the level of anxiety. What is the tipping point for all of us to realize the significance that technology is playing in the world outside our school doors?

On my down moments, I have flashbacks to an article from Fast Company magazine titled Change or Die. The beginning of this article points out that most people will not make a long term commitment to changing their habits even if death is a possible outcome.

But then I remember the happy ending which emphasizes that we need to appeal to people on a emotional level for true change to take root. Fear of dying or being irrelevant will not cause people to change. In this case, we need to help people to see that technology will add joy, meaning, fun, value, etc. to both their professional and personal live. We need to help them see that this is another moral imperative .

While I understand and agree with the Prensky's premise of Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants, I disagree that his call for educators to "Just Do It" will change anything at all.

As usual, I have more questions than answers. But I guess I'll just start with one - Where do we start the emotional connections with our many fine teachers and allow them to see that technology will add value to their lives and ultimately help them do their jobs?

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  1. Great question. When I work with teachers I try to help them find a use for the technology (for example blogs and rss) in their personal life, first. Once they see how it works there, for a hobby or otherwise, they "get" how it could change their classroom and the technology is adopted because they want to, not because I want them to.

    I admire your district's use of blogging, its a best practice I share with our administrative team on a regular basis. Thanks.