Thursday, September 10, 2009

Seth Godin's Thoughts On The Transformation Of Education - How Dramatic Will The Shift Be?

I cannot stop thinking about this quote from Seth Godin. Who could have imagined the changes that occurred so quickly in the newspaper business? I often wonder if we really have a handle on the shifts that are happening in education. I think that experienced educators sometimes write this technological wave off as another phase in the circular cycle that has plagued education where old ideas keep coming back around with a minor alteration. Then there is the group that is overwhelmed by the rush of technology and does not know where to begin. Unfortunately, I include myself in this group on many days.

The questions we need to resolve are what will our school look like next year? in five years? ...

Equally important is the question regarding what the schools look like that students who will be competing with our students come from. Are we giving our kids the most relevant education that they could receive?

While the quote says "Wait and see..." I think that we who are in education need to make sure that we are not the ones watching from the outside.

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