Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Peace Week Begins At BHS

Today marks the first day of PEACE WEEK at BHS, a civic awareness campaign initiated by the students in Leadership and Social Change. The students in this class, a new elective course at BHS, viewed Jeremy Gilley’s film Peace One Day as an introduction to change agents and the steps necessary to enact transformation. They learned about the UN’s formalization of International Peace Day, a day intended as a global ceasefire, and wanted to start an awareness campaign so the BHS students would recognize its significance.

Although Peace Day is September 21st, the students have extended the recognition of this date to a PEACE WEEK. During this time, they hope to inform students about the practical implications of a global ceasefire. They also hope to create an atmosphere that celebrates the ideal. From roving musicians to peace treats, the students have worked to appeal to their peers and inform them about a need for social change.

Their ultimate goal is to make the commemoration of International Day of Peace a tradition at BHS and to encourage future whole-school activities or assemblies that illustrate its importance. Their belief is that individual change efforts can lead to greater transformation.

Peace Week is Tuesday through Friday. The week will culminate with the display of a BHS PEACE WISH WALL, a quilt pieced together of student thoughts on peace and tolerance. Additionally, students will be encouraged to wear white on Friday to symbolize their support for the cause and the need to erase violence – even for one day.

If you’d like further information about the Peace One Day vision, check out these websites:

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