Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Obama Speech Clips From News Coverge at BHS

Thanks to our staff and students for (once again) representing us positively as the outside world was looking in. In this age of technology linking us so closely together, we will continue to see more and more of these types of opportunities moving forward.


  1. i thought the speech was a waste of time

  2. I personally dont like obama. All his speeches he gives about hope and change, Where are they? there has been no change what so ever. I think HillDog should have been dee president of da Usa

  3. I feel that this speech should not have been this controvershial because there were no politics included at all. This speech was just about the children and them staying in school and working to the best of their abilities, and me, Brendan Slowe, and Christopher Ikier, sophomores at BHS in mr.Costas U.S. History class think it was great.

  4. Hello Mr. Larkin.
    i am a sophomore at BHS that is in a 5th period history class. i thought the Obama speech was really cool. i saw my self in the video on your blog. i learned a lot from Obama in his speech.

  5. He said what I have heard all my life. Stay in school and get a good education to make a little differecne in the world and in this nation.

    A Junior in U.S.History 2

  6. i think the speech was a waste of time

  7. Hello Mr. Larkin!
    I am currently a sophomore at BHS
    Mr. Costa had our 5th period class post a comment on the post about Obama's speech.
    I thought the speech was very moving and made me want to work hard in school.
    I now realize more so that I am the future of the United States of America.
    I don't realize why all the people on the news were all up in arms about Obama talking to us.
    Obama did not try to brainwash us and make us democrats or anything like that.
    The speech was good for everyone to see and shouldn't have been so controversial.
    Thanks for your time,
    Jay Baia

  8. i thought the speech was inspiring

  9. Personally I've been satified with things as far as school goes. And after hearing Obama's speech, I've felt pretty motivated to excel in school and in whatever I put my heart and soul into (soccer). For people who were against us kids from hearing Obama's speech for whatever reason, I personally think their hate'n on him because he's different from the other presidents we've had. They dont't even have any real proof that he's going to ruin this country and because of that they should just give him a chance. Rather then getting on his back for every little thing, just let him do his they way "he" thinks is best, because to be honest we did'nt choose him as our president just to complain to him when something little goes wrong, give him a break. -TPL