Monday, July 27, 2009

Meho Update From Rome (Guest Post From Rachel Zucker Gould)

Yesterday Amina went a 1:08.39 in the 100m fly to get 91st and a 106.80 in the 100m back to finish 68th. Which is nuts, she is a freestyle sprinter and a flier, then a backstroker, so a real accomplishment. She is just swimming most every event out there.

Just to give perspective on the placing, 2,556 athletes from 185 countries are participating. Amina's best race is the 50 free, she is in heat 14 of 18 (so near the top with 10 swimmers per heat so 180 swimmers total with her in the top 50 IN THE WORLD). That is on August 1, she should go around a .26 or about 2 seconds behind Dara Torres.

The coaches are really putting her in a ton of events.

Check out the recent article posted on the U-Mass Athletic Page.

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