Saturday, July 25, 2009

Amina Meho Preparing For Next Week's Swimming World Championships (Guest Post By Rachel Zucker)

Amina Meho is now in Rome preparing for next week's swimming world championships. Michael Phelps and all the gang are also there. Amina is competing for Lebanon. She won the Lebanese national championships in several events in May (right before her senior exams). A photo of her being awarded a gold medal by the leader of Lebanon's military is attached. Amina is the swimmer in the black suit in the other photo. The details about racing times and such will be on
Amina's father Mohammed, or "Mo" to the kids, has been a volunteer assistant swim coach for Burlington for four years and will continue in this role next year. We will be watching the races online. Amina holds nine of the twelve Burlington girls' swimming and diving records. She will be competing in a month in the Pan-Arab championships in Jordan and will return to the US in the fall in order to attend UMASS Amherst on an athletic scholarship.

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