Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mr. McRae Wins The Aggarwal Award

Thanks to the generosity of the Aggarwal Family, Burlington High School is able to recognize one teacher every other year for "demonstrating excellence in education." The winner, who receives a check for $1,000 is chosen by a committee comprised of the Principal, the two Associate Principals, three teachers, and the Student Council President.

This year's winner, Mr. Alan McRae, was announced yesterday at our monthly faculty meeting. Mr. McRae received three nominations and was chosen from a group of four teachers who were nominated for the award.

Here are a few excerpts from the nomination forms in support of Mr. McRae:

  • Alan is a remarkable educator who constantly inspires his students.
  • Alan spends much of his own time dedicated to making BHS a better place. He really embodies what it means to have a sense of community.
  • Alan incorporates dynamic, innovative activities to stimulate student investigations, making his courses relevant and interesting.

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