Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Photos From The BHS Band and Dance Squad

The Burlington High School Marching Band helped honor the men and women who have served, and continue to serve, in our country’s armed forces by participating in the Memorial Day ceremonies on Monday. The morning began on the Burlington Common with the playing of "Taps" by junior Nick Abruzzese (reprised during the full ceremonies), continuing with the band performing "Prologue" from Jekyll & Hyde as they marched toward Chestnut Hill Cemetery, and finally changing to the solemn cadence of a single snare drum as they entered the gates for the ceremonies. Once the participants and spectators assembled in the cemetery, the band members opened the events with the Star Spangled Banner, led by drum majors Hemali Patel and Eric Leva and featuring freshman Zaven Ovian as soloist. The most poignant moment, however, was the band’s stellar performance of "Armed Forces Tribute," during which our hometown veterans (mostly retirees) could be seen saluting to the melodies of the service hymns. (Thank you to Donna Nadir, Tahleen Ovian, and Shirley Fong for the photos in this post)

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