Tuesday, May 12, 2009

BHS Discussing Change To Cellphone Policy

Each year we look at our existing handbook policies with our BHS School Council and discuss potential changes. One of the potential changes this year revolves around our acceptable use policy for electronics. There has been a proposal made by the BHS School Council to allow cellphone use in classrooms for educational purposes at the discretion of the classroom teacher. There has also been a proposal to allow cellphone use at lunch.

In regards to the use of cellphones as a tool for learning, many are intrigued by the potential of cellphones as a vehicle for engaging students in the classroom. The George Lucas Education Foundation's Edutopia website has an article online called Learn2luvcell: A Powerful Multipurpose Mechanism for Learning. It is interesting to see the schools that are ahead of the curve in using cellphones as educational tools.

Another website that speaks of the diverse options that cellphone usage in schools presents is From Toy to Tool: Cellphones in Learning.

In the meantime, foreward thinking schools like Uni High in Urbana, Illinois are removing zero-tolerance policies on cellphones in school and creating new policies that help teach their students how to use 21st Century technologies appropriately.


  1. From Learn2luvcell: "About the only organizations that have a ban on cell phones anymore are the Taliban and your local high school," he says. "Anything that plays media can be used instructionally, so we shouldn't deprive our students of their own personal messengers, photo storage units, video studios, and radio stations right in their pockets."
    A powerful statement! Thank you for posting this, we as teachers need to think about using tools rather than fighting the tide of technology. Now what about unblocking youtube?

  2. I applaud Burlington High for taking up discussion around the cellphone issue. I find it a silly battle to fight when we could embrace them and use them in education, and hope that my school will soon discuss a change in our policy.