Monday, April 6, 2009

Ms. Santos' Fundamentals of Physics Students Have Day At The Races

It was race day for Ms. Santos' Fundamentals of Physics students today. Students had been given a task two weeks ago of building a moustrap powered car made from anything they could think of. The only rule was that the car could be powered by only one mousetrap.

Students were able to get help from a website on the physics of mousetrap powered racers.

Check out more photos from today's races below.

Dalton Barrucci's racer traveled a record 84-feet thanks to the added torque from a piece of a fishing pole attached to the mousetrap.

Ms. Santos was busy tabulating the results.

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  1. The Mousetrap racer is a terrific activity affording students the ability to solve an Engineering Problem using the design process and physics. The Science Center checked out some of the intriguing designs. Don's car was one of the finest designs I've ever seen. He gave some real thought to extending the length of the lever arm.
    Congrats to all the Mousetrap Racer Designers in Ms. Santos's classes!