Saturday, April 11, 2009

Burlington Union Raves About BHS Production Of The Wizard of Oz

Please take a moment to read the article by Joanna Tzouvelis that appeared in the Burlington Union raving about the quality of our BHS production of the Wizard of Oz.

There is also a great letter to the editor at the bottom of the page at this link from a proud resident of Burlington who talks about both the play and a number of other Burlington "Points of Pride."


  1. Just a few short days ago i attended BHS theatrical production of THE WIZARD OF OZ. Not only was i amazed by the talent but also by understanding how much work went into putting on such a musical. From Dorthy Gale right down to the little munchkins i never stopped smiling. These children deserve more than a pat on the back. The students along with the long line of volunteers and hard working staff showed what a little patience can do. My hat (if i had one) goes off to the entire cast,crew and teachers who showed their love for what really means something. Having said all of this-This musical should be put on YouTube so everyone can smile and enjoy it the way i did. I have never seen so many children have so much fun and without anyone getting hurt. I bow at your talented feet

  2. A most disappointing article by Ms. Tzouvelis, who seems more interested in expounding from her soapbox about the budgetary impasse (she, not surprisingly, also wrote the slanted article in the Union regarding the budget negotions which started by describing the teachers' **failure** to concede) than actually praising the students - none of whom are named in the article - or the faculty members who helped make this production the success that it was. In fact, at two different points in the article, Ms. Tzouvelis omitted the teachers and staff from her accolades. Even the dog got higher priority. How transparently symbolic. Our students and teachers deserve better than to be used as a vehicle to drive a political point. So, to amend this journalistic failure:

    Mr. Middleton-Cox, Mrs. Janovitz, Ms. Diozzi, Leanne Reardon, Peter Waldron and Amanda Potts: Wonderful job putting together yet another first-rate performance. It keeps getting harder and harder to meet the high standards you've set here at BHS, but you keep doing it.

    Eva: I'm truly impressed by your talent - You're one of the best singers I've seen in any of our productions. Brava!
    Will: I keep hearing students and teachers say how amazing you were as the scarecrow. The public doesn't lie!
    Shane: Way to represent the sophomore class! You should be really proud of landing such a major role.
    Saikrishna: Even though I've never had you in class, you're still pretty awesome, both as the lion, and in an overall general sense.
    Jaime: You're the best. You know it and I know it, now everybody knows it.
    Katrina: I couldn't think of a better choice for the good witch. And way to represent PR!
    David: From Poet Laureate to Leader of Oz, this has been a red-letter year. And as a junior, no less!
    To the rest of the cast and crew (especially my alumni and current students, too many to mention, but still equally awesome - you know who you are): Incredible work. It's amazing to see, as the previous poster noted, how much talent we have in so many different ways in this school.

    Mr. Lally
    BHS Teacher, Parent and erstwhile Burlington resident