Saturday, April 18, 2009

BHS Solo & Ensemble Private Recital

Mr. Lovell and the BHS Band students held a private concert in the band room on Friday afternoon (just before April vacation). This is the only place you can see clips from the performances.

Eric Leva solo - Nocturne in C# Minor.

Cuban Pete played by Alex Meier, Patrick Hanafin, Carolyn Kelly, Zaven Ovian, Kevin Parker, Nick Stewart, Eric Leva, Caitlin Riggs, and Mary Jo Herlihy.

Stroke played by at ease: Chelsea Rose, Alex Meier, Eric Leva, Carolyn Kelly, Katie Campbell, and Kristie Bezreh.

All These Things that I've Done - Played by Aftermath: Theo Brierly, Mike Calder, Zaven Ovian, Julien Saliba, and Ryan Vibert.

Red Couch performed by Koala Missile: John Romano, Jake Rosenberg, and Ryan Vibert.

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