Saturday, March 21, 2009

Follow-up Comments On Friday's Evacuation and Early Dismissal

Thanks to all of the staff, students, and parents who have contributed feedback on the unfortunate events that occured this week at BHS. The messages that we have received have been overwhelmingly positive and have praised the actions of the BHS staff.

There have also been a number of great questions and suggestions that will allow us to continue to improve our protocols and ensure the safety of students, staff, and guests at BHS.

We will be following up with all of students on Monday morning as well to get their input on the events that transpired and any suggestions that they have to help us continue to improve the safety of our school.

Here are a few of the questions to which I hope to add some clarification:

  • Why would you proceed with school on Friday morning when you knew about the threat Thursday night??? I didn't get a call.
The reason that we had school on Friday was because we were very confident that we would be able to indentify the individual who had made the threatening remarks and there had been no mention of an actual device. On Friday, some students informed us that there had been mention of an explosive device by the same student who allegedly wrote the threat so at that point it was clear that we did not want to take any chances and we decided to send students home.

It was a testament to our students and their concern for keeping our school safe that they brought this new information forward. This is the type of ongoing communication that is necessary in high schools.

In regards to not receiving a call, anyone who did not get a connect-ed message on either Thursday night or Friday should call the BHS Main Office (781) 273-7662 on Monday to check their contact numbers.

  • Since the threat was actually for March 23rd::: will the students be attending classes on Monday?I'm assuming so but as a precaution I'm hoping there will still be police force and tight security. One arrest doesn't warrant a complete feeling of safety on the day of a threat.

We are confident that we have resolved this particular threat and that we will be back to business as usual on Monday.

  • I was just wondering... are we going to find out who the student who did this was?

We will never publicly announce the names of any students involved in violations of our school rules or local and state laws. It is against the law to do so. The police can release this type of information if the students is not a minor.


  1. Can you confirm that the student which was arrested has been expelled from school and can not return to BHS

  2. We cannot confirm any actions regarding a student involved in a disciplinary action. Their privacy is protected by the law as is their right to due process.

    In general, I would say that the school administration does not take student safety lightly and we will take all necessary steps to ensure a safe environment for our students and staff.

  3. Was there a "device" and if so was it collected from wherever found? Also was there anyone else that helped plan the act?

  4. There was no device and there is no evidence of involvement of any another students.

  5. So on Monday...Would you make a assembly for the students and take their opinions? I'm just wondering..because they play a big roll on this whole entire situation since their lives were at risk.