Thursday, March 5, 2009

BHS Win Over Xaverian Sunday Makes Semifinal Appearance Likely

Despite the 5-1 win by Malden Catholic, the Red Devils still have a strong say in their destiny on Saturday when they take on Xaverian at Merrimack College (Click here for directions). A BHS win would likely extend the Red Devils' season.

Here is the breakdown of scenarios courtesy of Jim Clark on the Boston Herald Blog.

"As for Bracket 2 …
Malden Catholic almost is assured of a semifinal berth following its 5-1 victory against Burlington. The only place it gets messy is in the last of the four scenarios outlined below:

1. Wins by Malden Catholic, Xaverian
Malden Catholic will be the top seed at 3-0, then the tie will be broken between the other three teams at 1-2. Goal differential currently favors Needham at 0, followed by Burlington (-2) and Xaverian (-7). Obviously, the results of Saturday’s games will affect the final numbers.

2. Wins by Malden Catholic, Burlington
Once again, MC earns the top seed at 3-0, with Burlington gaining the second spot at 2-1.

3. Wins by Needham, Xaverian
Both MC and Needham would finish 2-1 in the bracket. In this case, Needham would be the top seed and MC at No. 2.

4. Wins by Needham, Burlington
MC, Needham and Burlington all would be 2-1, and goal differential would be used first to find the top two teams overall. MC currently sits in good shape at +9, followed by Needham (0) and Burlington (-2). Only if Needham beats MC by five goals and Burlington beats Xaverian by at least seven would the Lancers get eliminated.

Despite Thursday’s loss, Burlington still appears to be in good shape if it beats Xaverian on Saturday. The Devils certainly would be rooting for an MC win against Needham, or otherwise would need to win by at least two goals more than any potential Needham win.
Needham’s life would be made a lot easier by a Xaverian win against Burlington, which would keep the Rockets alive in three scenarios regardless of what they do against the Lancers. The highest seed in the bracket also gets the benefit of playing the late game (2:30 at Merrimack), so they will know where they stand when they step onto the Lawler Arena ice. A loss, coupled with a Burlington win, would send the No. 2 seed packing.

Xaverian is not officially eliminated, but the Hawks would need to beat Burlington by at least three goals the overcome the Devils in goal differential, then root for a lopsided MC win against Needham to have any shot."

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